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Aggregate Suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio

Aggregate Layers - Aggregate Suppliers Mt Vernon OhioIf you want the best aggregate suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. United Aggregates in Mt Vernon Ohio has been providing Knox County and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of asphalt, aggregates (including topsoil, clay, and sand & gravel), and landscaping materials since 1993. Residential or commercial, our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which type of aggregates are right for your project.

Fine Aggregates vs Coarse Aggregates

A basic list of aggregates includes sand, gravel, and stone. These elements can be crushed (known as fine aggregates) or simply broken into manageable pieces (known as coarse aggregates). Fine aggregate contains sand, whether it be natural sand or the sand and dust from crushed stone and gravel, whereas coarse aggregate is made up of larger pieces of stone and gravel. Aggregates of both types are often added as filler to produce more of the final product. Fine aggregates are used when a smoother surface is needed, and coarse aggregates are used for bigger projects and when the look and finish of the surface area are less important.

Construction Aggregates

Aggregates can also be used as ingredients in other components, such as concrete and asphalt; this type of aggregate is known as construction aggregate. Adding aggregates to other materials helps make the end product much stronger and reduces waste. Larger aggregates, also known as coarse aggregates, are a great additive for garden beds and soil because they aid in proper drainage. Aggregates don’t compact the way soil does so they can allow the water to run through better in areas where the soil is denser. Call the professional aggregate suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio turns to when they have a construction project.

Recycled Aggregates

We try to be as environmentally conscious as possible by offering aggregate recycling services to our customers, whether they are buying or disposing of asphalt and/or concrete. If you would prefer to use recycled aggregates for your project, we’re happy to provide them, and if you need a place to dispose of your old asphalt and concrete when your project is finished, we’ll recycle it for you. We’re the aggregate suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio depends on for all their aggregate needs.

No matter what kind of aggregates you need, whether they be fine or coarse, recycled or not, the aggregate suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio trusts most can get your aggregate materials where you need them, when you need them. Let United Aggregates be your Knox County aggregate suppliers!

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