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Excavation Companies Mt Vernon Ohio

Excavation Companies Mt Vernon OhioIf you need general excavation or specialty excavation services, United Aggregates is among the leading excavation companies Mt Vernon Ohio has to offer. Our staff is dependable in every way and treating you, your time, and your property with the utmost respect is just part of what sets our excavation contractors apart from others.

When you’re ready for the professional excavation services we provide, give us a call to set up an appointment.

Log Jam Removal

One of the specialty excavation services we provide is log jam removal. Log jams can cause a number of problems depending on their size and where they are located. Making matters worse, as if the log jam itself isn’t causing enough of a problem, is that log jams can trap other debris like trash and branches. Some of the reasons for log jam removal are that they can disrupt water flow, cause flooding, erode stream banks, and block fish migration pathways. One of the excavation companies Mt Vernon Ohio has grown to trust with removing log jams is United Aggregates; let us show you why, today.

Stream Bank Erosion Control

As we mentioned above, log jams can lead to stream bank erosion, but this is not the only way that stream banks can become eroded. Banks can also become eroded when the vegetation that lines the bank gets washed away, is removed, or gets so much foot traffic that it becomes damaged. Some erosion of stream banks is normal, but generally should not exceed fractions of an inch per year. Much more than that and it can quickly get out of hand. The services of the excavation companies Mt Vernon Ohio provides can control stream bank erosion before it’s too late.

The erosion of stream banks also have a negative effect on fishing, which at first thought might not sound like a big deal, but think of the places where people depend on fishing for food. It can also severely hinder the ability of the fish to migrate downstream, spawn, or even survive if the water becomes too shallow as the stream widens. If there are toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) in the areas that become washed into the stream, this can lead to the extinction of certain types of fish in those areas.

In summary, if you’ve got a backed up waterway, we can remove the log jams to provide proper water flow and reduce flooding. We are also very well equipped to provide stream bank erosion control with the use of riprap or large limestone boulders. When it comes to excavation companies Mt Vernon Ohio depends on United Aggregates.

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