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Excavation Company Mount Vernon Ohio

United Aggregates Excavation

Excavation Company Mount Vernon Ohio
Excavators are responsible for using heavy duty equipment including bulldozers, cranes and backhoes to dig, remove and transfer dirt in addition to leveling land so that various kinds of construction jobs can be performed.  United Aggregates is an Excavation company in Knox County that deals with projects including residential, commercial, utilities as well as infrastructure.

The professional crews that work with our Knox County excavation company are all licensed and insured contractors.  This is for the safety of not only themselves but the other workers and personnel on the construction site as well.

Excavators not only deal with job sites such as demolition of old building structures like barns, etc. but we also are responsible for excavating driveways and parking lots as well.  Roadwork is another area that excavators handle.  We dig up old highways so that they can be replaced with new ones.  We also deal with construction ramps and overpasses.  Contractors handle dirt removal, removing and grading.

Wetlands are another area that contractors in the excavating field handle.  We provide things like topsoil and filing services.  Wetland work needs some consideration though like wetland mitigation.  This is the process of replacing wetland by creating or restoring other wetlands.

Excavating contractors also handle work site preparation.  This involves getting work sites, including residential and commercial sites, ready for the project at hand by removing, taking away, relocating and bringing in gravel, dirt and sand to the site.

At United Aggregates we are no strangers to hard work and meeting deadlines.  Our goal is to get your excavating job done safely, efficiently and at a great price! We have an experienced team ready to work for you! Call today for a free quote on your excavation project at (740) 397-0000. We are waiting to hear from you!