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Garden Soil Mt Vernon Ohio

Garden Soil Mt Vernon OhioSummer has arrived, so if you’re planning on planting this season and need garden soil Mt Vernon Ohio has high quality soil at United Aggregates. We carry natural topsoil and pulverized topsoil to fit any needs you have. If you want to pick up your bulk topsoil yourself, we’ll help you load your truck or trailer or if you need topsoil delivery in central Ohio, we can bring it right to your site.

Good Soil is Important

It’s easy to think that you can just dig in the dirt in your yard, throw in some seeds, and have a prosperous garden, but in reality, it just doesn’t work out that way. First of all, different types of plants, flowers, and vegetables need different types of garden soil to grow. Secondly, that soil needs to be nourished and maintained from one year to the next. When you grow crops in the same place year after year, the soil loses nutrients and organic matter; if you don’t replenish them, you’ll find your garden suffering big time. There are many things you can do to prepare your garden soil to grow the best veggies, and it starts before you actually plant anything. Getting your garden off to a good start means cleaning the planting area, loosening the dirt, and then amending the soil. For the highest quality garden soil Mt Vernon Ohio is the place to go.

Different Types of Soil

What you plan on growing in your garden determines what type of soil you will need. Sandy soil is going to be more relaxed and drier, if you will, to allow water to easily drain through, whereas soil made up of mostly clay is going to be much firmer and denser. Depending on the calcium content of your soil, it will either be more alkaline (more calcium) or more acidic (less calcium). There are advantages and disadvantages to soil types, and the important thing to remember is that not all soils are created equally… and not everything you plant will grow in all conditions. The high quality garden soil Mt Vernon Ohio sells will get your plants off to a great start.

Best Soil for Vegetable Gardens

Just as different types of plants need different soils, so do different types of vegetables. Veggies whose roots grow shallow will not do well in sandy soils because the water drains away quickly (and takes nutrients with it!). Understanding soil types can be confusing, but it’s very important if you want your garden to do well. The easiest way to know which vegetables will do well in which type of soil is to remember this: veggies that grow underground (carrots) can reach into the deeper levels of soil where the water is stored; above-ground veggies (lettuce) will have shorter roots and need a clay-like soil so the water and nutrients will be held close rather than drained away.

Get the best garden soil Mt Vernon Ohio has to offer from United Aggregates and remember to rejuvenate your soil every annually to ensure amazing results year after year.

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