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Knox County Aggregate Suppliers

United Aggregates, your dependable Knox County aggregate suppliers, is your source for all things aggregate. We’ve been supplying aggregates for more than two decades (although our experience exceeds that!) and can answer any questions you have about aggregates in general and provide assistance with any development you have planned. Aggregates come in many different shapes and sizes and come from many different sources; we can help you choose which ones are right for your project.

What Are Aggregates

Knox County Aggregate SuppliersCommon aggregates include sand, gravel, and crushed stone. They are considered an inert “filler” material, but are an essential ingredient in concrete.

Why Do We Need Aggregates

Aggregates are all around us in things we see or use every single day, without even realizing it. In this article on five reasons why we need aggregates, you can see that of all mined materials, the US consumes more aggregates by far than anything else (outside of fuels). So how is it that we’re using so much of this stuff? Well, aggregates are used in concrete, mortar, asphalt, railway ballast, and glass. Now think of all the things in our daily lives that are made with any of these products and you’ll begin to see just how important aggregates are and how big of a role they play.

Types and Uses of Aggregates in Concrete

As mentioned before, there are different types of aggregates. Here are the types and uses of each:

  • Crushed Stone – this is probably the most versatile aggregate there is, and it can be used for almost anything from driveways and paths to landscaping and filler.
  • Gravel – used in roads, manufacturing, and even for decorative purposes.
  • Recycled Concrete – commonly used as a base layer for other construction materials, but can be used in any application that regular concrete is used. (As your trusted Knox County aggregate suppliers, we do our part in being green by accepting and offering recycled concrete and asphalt products.)
  • Sand – used in roads, aggregate concrete manufacturing, sanitation, and in children’s sandboxes.

Since we, your knowledgeable Knox County aggregate suppliers, specialize in concrete, let’s touch a little more on the use of aggregates in concrete and why they’re so important. The shape and size of the aggregates used in concrete will determine what the final product looks and acts like. For instance, if you want a smooth surface for, say, a garage floor, you would want smaller aggregates. However, if you were installing a new driveway that has a steeper grade and you live in an area where snow an ice are common, you might want to go for bigger aggregates. The bigger pieces will help add traction and stability to the driveway, allowing vehicles to climb it better without slipping.

Now that you know aggregates are everywhere, if you want to get your aggregates from the best Knox County aggregate suppliers, then give United Aggregates a call or stop by and see us today.

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