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Knox County Garden Soil

If you’re looking for Knox County garden soil, you’ve come to the right place. United Aggregates has two different kinds of topsoil available: regular topsoil and pulverized topsoil. We only carry the highest quality Knox County garden soil for our customers, so you can be sure that the product you’re getting will provide you with the results you’re looking for every time.

Regular TopsoilKnox County Garden Soil

Our regular topsoil is clean dirt, but it is clumpier and coarser than other topsoil. This is generally laid and spread with a truck or machine. It is good to use as a filler dirt. Typical uses might include filling in a large dug-out area or filling in a spot that will be covered with something a little easier on the eyes.

Regular topsoil would be ideal for filling in something like a large whole left behind by removing a swimming pool. You can either fill it in completely with this fill dirt, or you can fill it the majority of the way and then put pulverized topsoil over it, depending on what you’re going to use that area for. Mulch would be good to place over top if you wanted to turn that area into a play area for the kids.

Pulverized Topsoil

Our pulverized topsoil, also known as garden soil, is screened through a large machine to break apart any dense clumps, leaving you with a clean, fine topsoil. This type of topsoil is easily spread by hand and with your typical garden rake.

Pulverized topsoil is great for creating a garden or flowerbed. Our Knox County garden soil is rich in nutrients and improves soil drainage and water retention. These are very important aspects when creating a garden or flowerbed that will thrive and flourish.

United Aggregates wants to be your #1 supplier of Knox County garden soil. Give us a call to schedule the delivery of your Knox County garden soil today!

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