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Knox County Gravel Suppliers

Mt Vernon Ohio Gravel Suppliers
United Aggregates are trusted Knox County gravel suppliers, so when your next residential or commercial project comes up, we should be your first call. We’ve garnered many happy customers during our more than two-decade run, and we plan on adding many more to the list! Let United Aggregates be the Knox County gravel suppliers for your next project; big or small, we’ve got you covered!

Gravel Driveways

One of the most common uses of gravel is a driveway; it’s an inexpensive and relatively easy way to provide a path and parking area for vehicles that won’t (or at least shouldn’t) turn into a giant mud puddle every time it rains. Here is all the information you need to build yourself a gravel driveway – it even lists common gravel driveway issues, such as mud puddles and potholes, and provides advice on how to deal with them.

Gravel in Your Yard

Another good and common use of gravel is in landscaping. With the many different options when it comes to size, color, and types of gravel, the possibilities are pretty endless. You can use larger gravel as the main focus of your yard or you can use smaller gravel as accents for lining your garden or patio. As knowledgeable Knox County gravel suppliers, we can give you tips and advice about the right size and type of gravel to use for your specific project.

While gravel is great for many things throughout your yard, it does have one downfall – the dreaded gravel spread! This isn’t as big of an issue unless the area where you lay your gravel gets foot or vehicle traffic. When weight is put on the gravel, it spreads out, eventually leading to bare spots in your driveway or pathway and gravel in your grass. However, you can combat this issue by building a gravel path that won’t spill over into the rest of your yard.

Gravel Fun Facts

  • – It takes 90 tons to build a six-room house, 15,000 to build a school, and about 85,000 tons to construct one mile of a four-lane highway.
  • – Approximately four tons of sand and gravel are mined each year for every person in the country. *Source

Mt Vernon Ohio Gravel Suppliers

If you want the gravel suppliers Mt Vernon Ohio recommends most, then look no further. Let us prove to you why United Aggregates are the #1 Knox County gravel suppliers!

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