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Knox County Limestone Rock

Knox County Limestone Rock

Are you getting ready to start a Knox County limestone rock project? If so, you can check limestone rock off your needed-supplies list. United Aggregates can supply all the limestone rock you need to get your project done, and we’ll even deliver it right to your site.

Limestone Rock Uses

Limestone rock is often used as an ingredient in concrete, cement, and many other things, but it can also be used as simply a rock. Many forms of limestone contain fossils, and some of these are very beautiful. Limestone rock with better looking fossils in them are often used as decoration pieces.

Calcium Carbonate

Knox County Limestone RockRemember that chalk your teacher used to write on the blackboard? It’s made out of the same substance – calcium carbonate – as limestone, which is why limestone rock shows up on the sidewalk and paved driveways when you write with it. Calcium carbonate is also the main ingredient in most antacid medications. Crazy thought, right?

More Limestone Uses

Speaking of driveways, limestone rock is commonly used for driveways because it provides good traction for your tires. You will often see people with freshly laid limestone rock driveways in the winter time, especially if their driveway has an incline. Limestone rock is also used in fertilizer as it neutralizes the acidity of the soil and provides nutrients for the plants.

We carry limestone rock all year round and offer pick-up and delivery service six days a week. The next time you need Knox County limestone rock, be sure to give United Aggregates a call for the best service around. We’re always available and happy to answer your questions or assist you in any way we can. Give us a call at 740.397.0000.

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