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Knox County Limestone

Knox County LimestoneAre you looking for Knox County limestone for your next big project? If so, give the friendly experts at United Aggregates in Mt Vernon Ohio a call today! We’ve got limestone in several different sizes, including crushed limestone, so no matter what ideas you have for your project, we’ve got the limestone you need to get it done right.

What is Limestone?

So you want to know exactly what is limestone rock Mt Vernon Ohio? Well, keep reading because you’re about to learn some neat things about this little rock called limestone.

Limestone is a rock, a sedimentary rock to be exact, meaning it is formed by heavy pressure being placed upon the sediment at the bottom of the ocean. It has many uses and comes in a variety of sizes from dust to boulders. The size you need will depend on how you plan to use it. Almost all limestone is white, but it can be varying shades of gray and tan. Depending on where it’s found, it can even have spots of pink.

Surprising Limestone Uses

Knox County limestone rock can be used for many different things, even some you might not have thought of such as chalk; antacids; calcium supplement for animal feed; additive in paper, plastics, toothpaste; and even to suppress underground coal mine explosions. One of the more common limestone uses, at least where Mt Vernon Ohio crushed limestone is concerned, is something called Ag Lime. Agricultural lime is used by farmers to rejuvenate their soil and reduce the acidity that develops after years of planting and replanting crops.

Other Limestone Rock Uses

Limestone is also great to use either as a base for your driveway or as the sole material. It provides great traction for vehicles, especially in the winter on those slippery step driveways. Limestone can also be fun for kids. One of the main ingredients in ordinary chalk happens to be limestone. Coincidentally, Knox County limestone can also be used as chalk on most surfaces where the real thing would write.

Fizzy Knox County Limestone Science Project

What you’ll need for the limestone acid test:

  1. A few different types of limestone
  2. A bottle of vinegar
  3. A magnifying glass

*NOTE: If you want a more intense reaction, hydrochloric acid will provide that; however, it’s a lot more dangerous than vinegar and makes this project much less kid-friendly. Either way, safety glasses, gloves, and paper towels would be a good idea too.

All you have to do is set up your limestone samples, put a few drops of vinegar on each one, and then look closely with the magnifying glass. You should be able to see tiny bubbles fizzing out of the rock, confirming that your rock is really limestone.

Give United Aggregates in Mt Vernon Ohio a call for all your Knox County limestone needs!

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