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Knox County Sand and Gravel

Knox County Sand and Gravel SupplierAre you looking for Knox County sand and gravel for your next commercial or residential project? If so, United Aggregates in Mt Vernon Ohio has you covered.

You can read this brief overview of some sand and gravel uses, though these are mostly for the construction sector, then stop by and see what we have or give us a call to schedule your Knox County sand and gravel delivery.

Sand and Gravel Types and Sizes

We have two different types of sand: mason sand and concrete sand. Mason sand is used for mixing with concrete and mortar when you’re laying blocks, bricks, or stones. This is the type of sand you would use if you were building something such as a retaining wall. Concrete sand is a more versatile sand. As its name implies, you can use it for making concrete, but you can also use it as a leveling base under paver stones or swimming pools.

Knox County Gravel SuppliersUnited Aggregates carries several sizes of gravel, from dust to boulders, to meet any needs you have. Some of our smaller gravel sizes can be used for drainage assistance, ice control, and as a base for driveways and parking lots. Our medium-sized gravel is good for septic systems and makes a great filler stone. Finally, our boulder-size gravel helps put the finishing touches on your landscaping projects. Check out these awesome ideas for some really stunning rock garden landscapes. With our Knox County sand and gravel, you could be building your own amazing backyard in no time.

You Did What with Gravel?

When it comes to landscaping your yard, Knox County sand and gravel might not be at the top of your list of decorative items, but it should be. In case you haven’t heard, gravel is the new grass, especially pea gravel, and here’s why:

  • -Gravel landscaping is much lower maintenance than traditional grass lawns
  • -Gravel comes in an abundance of sizes and colors so you can create a unique look
  • -Gravel makes the perfect base for a waterfall and wet or dry river
  • -Gravel plays nicely with other existing landscaping décor
  • -If you’re going for a more modern landscape, gravel is the perfect complement
  • -A layer of gravel keeps your paths and walkways from getting wet and muddy
  • -If you want to add more plants/flowers later, just push the gravel out of the way

Speaking of plants, gravel provides the perfect drainage system to keep them thriving. The water won’t pool around them, drowning or uprooting them. You can also draw the eye to a desired area by combining large and small gravel sizes with bigger boulders. In case you need more, here are 7 reasons to landscape with gravel.

Give United Aggregates a call today for all your Knox County sand and gravel needs!

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