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Knox County Trucking Companies

Knox County Trucking Companies
Are you looking for Knox County trucking companies? If so, you should give United Aggregates in Mt Vernon Ohio a call. We have been offering trucking services to all of central Ohio for more than 20 years.

If you need Knox County trucking companies that offer options when it comes to their trucks, you’ll definitely want to check us out. We have boom trucks, dump trucks, slinger trucks, and flatbeds available.

Boom Trucks

Our boom trucks have a high weight capacity and are used for lifting and moving heavy parts or equipment on the job site. These boom trucks can lift more weight than a forklift can and they are much more convenient.

Dump Trucks

Our dump trucks can haul just about anything you can think of. Need to bring in a large amount of fill dirt? Covered. Have left over concrete chunks after building is complete? Covered. Need some topsoil hauled in for landscaping? Covered there too.

Slinger Trucks

You won’t believe just how precise and efficient our slinger trucks are. They can place your materials up to 90 feet from the end of the truck with extreme accuracy. Our slinger trucks make the process of placing and spreading materials so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you never used them before. These are a huge time saver.


Our flatbed trucks come in handy when the machinery and equipment you’re hauling are too big to fit in a truck with sides or ceilings. You can haul pretty much anything you need to on a flatbed, and the boom trucks can help you load it on there.
If you need to utilize any of our trucks but don’t feel comfortable driving or operating them yourself, we have experienced operators who can drive them for you. If you have your own truck and would like to pick up your materials, we’d be happy to load them for you. The superior service we provide is what makes us a favorite among all the Knox County trucking companies.

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