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Knox County Trucking

Knox County TruckingWhen you’re looking for dependable trucking companies Mt Vernon Ohio has the top of the line. United Aggregates’ Knox County trucking service offers boom truck rental, dump truck rental, flatbed rental, slinger truck rental and more! Whatever service truck your project requires, check out United Aggregates first; you’ll be glad you did.

Slinger Trucks

When it comes to Knox County trucking projects, we all know that time is money. Having the best possible means to get the job done efficiently is vital to completing the project on time, and our slinger trucks can do just that. A slinger truck is basically a dump truck with an extendable conveyor belt arm that shoots materials directly where they need to go. Slinger truck uses are endless. They can evenly distribute crushed limestone, sand, gravel, top soil, mulch, and more over nearly any area you need.

The trucks are especially useful for inaccessible areas, in areas with limited space, or places where safety could be an issue if other means were used (such as steep slopes/grades or trenches). The truck’s conveyor belt allows materials to be placed even if obstacles such as walls or fences exist. Our Knox County trucking options can get your materials where they need to go.

Slinger Trucks Eliminate the Need for Hiring Additional Manpower

Slinger trucks are just as good in wide open, easily accessible areas where the main issue is not space, but saving time and money. If you have a large area to be covered, such as distributing mulch (playgrounds), soil (gardens), or gravel (driveways), slinger trucks are faster and less expensive than hiring workers to do it by hand. You also won’t need dozers, skid steers, or other heavy machinery (or the operators that go with them), which means less equipment causing damage to nice grassy areas. Our Knox County trucking services are here when you need them.

Slinger Trucks Cut Back on the Time It Takes to Finish a Project

In ideal situations, slinger trucks can empty an entire truck full of material in minutes to an hour. How long does it take to move that much by hand or even a wheelbarrow? If you’re mulching a large landscaping project, you might have a ton or more of material dumped in a pile for workers to spread manually around the grounds. Not only is that an eyesore, but it leaves a mess (which is also a waste of product and money) and can take days to move it where it’s needed. The slinger truck will save time because it places your material at its ultimate destination, removing the middleman and middle steps. Let our Knox County trucking company save you time, money, and hassle!

We offer other trucking rental services as well, so if you need to use dump trucks or rent a boom truck, we have those too.

United Aggregates is located in Mt Vernon Ohio and serves the central Ohio area so give us a call today for all your Knox County trucking rental needs!

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