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Mt Vernon Ohio Excavation

Have you found yourself in need of a Mt Vernon Ohio excavation company? If so, the knowledgeable staff at United Aggregates is at your service. Our excavation services include excavation and demolition, as well as specialty excavation service like stream bank erosion control. We use different types of equipment depending on the specific excavation services being provided, but here are some of the basic pieces of excavation equipment.

Stream Bank Erosion Control

Mt Vernon Ohio Excavation Knox County OhioStream bank erosion is just what it sounds like – the wearing away of the banks of a stream or river. Minor, slow erosion is normal and to be expected anywhere where there is flowing water, but it turns into a problem when the erosion becomes accelerated. Our Mt Vernon Ohio excavation contractors can control your stream bank erosion before or after it becomes a serious problem.

We can control your stream bank erosions by placing large limestone rocks or clean concrete chunks at the edge to help add strength and support and keep the water from washing away the dirt. We can place the boulders in such a way that they “steer” the flow of water away from the bank just enough so that it can’t erode as much or as quickly.

In addition to professional Mt Vernon Ohio excavation services, there are also things that you can do yourself to help protect and control erosion of your stream banks. This includes planting and protecting stream bank plants. The roots of certain plants and trees can help stabilize the surrounding soil and keep it from washing down stream. It is important to maintain and protect these plants so they can continue to do their job; as such, you should avoid too much activity along the banks.

Large washout areas can become hazardous depending on where they are located and just how out of control they have become. If a house sits atop a small hill overlooking a stream and there is heavy stream bank erosion, eventually that erosion is going to interfere with the structural integrity of the house as more dirt and land below it gets washed away. Because of this, it is important to find a Mt Vernon Ohio excavation contractor to repair and maintain any stream bank erosions.

The edges of streams are also home to several different types of wildlife. If you’ve ever noticed areas where branches, logs, leaves, etc. collect, there are usually fish and other types of water-dwellers living in these small “caves.” Protecting stream banks from erosion will also help protect these habitats and the wildlife that reside there.

We’ve been excavating Mt Vernon Ohio for over two decades, so give the experts at United Aggregates a call today for all your Mt Vernon Ohio excavation needs!

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