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Sand and Gravel Supplier Mt Vernon Ohio

With the season for working outside rushing forward, it’s time to start thinking about what your outdoor areas are going to need. Beyond basic building materials, sand and gravel are essential in a lot of outdoor projects.

Driveways are the first thing most people think about when they think of gravel. While gravel is used on many driveways, there are a number of different types of gravel that can be used in different ways. Gravel ranging from the size of a pea all the way to the size of a golf ball is great for use in a driveway. Pea- and rice-sized gravel works very well in areas where you need to improve water drainage, and rice-sized gravel is also great to use for ice control. If you are looking into creating a more solid concrete or asphalt road for your driveway, you can use gravel #304. Sized from golf ball down to dust, this type of gravel makes a great base for roads.

Sand comes in two main types – mason sand and concrete sand. Mason sand is mixed in with concrete and mortar and used to lay bricks and build walls in your landscape. Concrete sand is used when making concrete. This concrete is then used in the making of patios and decorative garden designs.

For those looking for green materials to use, recycled concrete and recycled asphalt are both available at United Aggregates Inc. After going through recycling, these products can be used just like non-recycled products. Using these recycled materials can help you stay green and create a lovely driveway or patio.

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