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Topsoil Knox County

Topsoil Knox CountySpring is in the air, so if you’re ready to get a head start on your outdoor projects this year, we are here to help. If you need topsoil Knox County has the best! United Aggregates provides high-quality topsoil for sale in Knox County so you can be sure that your gardening projects will come to life the way you expect.

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is pretty much exactly what it sounds like -the top layer of the grounds’ soil- but with a little something extra – high amounts of nutrients and organic matter. Topsoil uses include building gardens and garden beds, fixing troublesome lawn spots, and improving drainage. No matter what you’re using the best topsoil Knox County has to offer for, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t just dump it on top of the existing dirt. Till it about 5-6 inches down to obtain a better mixture for plants or grass to adapt and grow properly and for water to drain efficiently.

Topsoil Myths

People who are new to gardening or landscaping often make the mistake of thinking that all topsoil is the same, when in fact, that’s not really true. Topsoil may contain many different types and textures of soil; some may contain more sand while others might have more nutrients. It all depends on the area from where it was collected. This is not the only myth that gardening novice might believe; there are many topsoil myths floating around out there. Whether you’re a pro or just beginning, we provide topsoil Knox County can trust.

Building a Bed with Topsoil

Remember how we said that not all topsoil was the same? Well, another difference is the drainage rate. Sometimes you need a denser soil that will retain moisture for longer periods of time, but when planting something like an aloe plant, for instance, you’re going to want a “sandier” type of topsoil that will allow a faster drainage rate. When certain plants’ roots sit in wet soil for too long, it can cause root rot. We’ve got the right kind of topsoil Knox County needs to build a raised garden bed and plant anything from flowers and shrubs to fruits and vegetables.

United Aggregates has Knox County topsoil for sale so stop in or call today to pick some up or place your order. We also provide topsoil delivery, so if you don’t have a truck, we’ll haul it for you. We’ve got all your needs covered when it comes to topsoil Knox County!

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