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Trucking Services

Trucking Services Mt Vernon Ohio

Dump Trucks, Flatbeds, Boom Trucks, Slinger Truckers

United Aggregates is a very versatile Mount Vernon, Ohio trucking company. Whether you need an earth mover or other large equipment, or to move lumber or other materials, we have a truck to get you rolling.

Our trucking services include hourly dirt trucks such as flatbeds, boom trucks, slinger trucks, tractor trailers, and dump trucks available. If you have a big project, let us help you get it done the right way! Call today for pricing and availability at (740) 397-0000!

Dump Trucks

Our heavy duty dump trucks are used for moving loose materials and aggregates such as sand, gravel, dirt, and rocks for construction or land development. We can deliver materials by tipping the hydraulic bed and evenly distributing the contents, or if you prefer, we will just dump it in one large pile – whatever fits your construction needs.


Our hourly flatbeds can haul heavy machinery, construction equipment, drywall, or other large loads that require more space than is available in a closed-body container. With no side or roof, it allows for quick loading and unloading of materials. Large lumber and skids can also be hauled on flatbeds.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks have a large boom arm that makes it convenient for moving loads smoothly on and off of the truck. They save time and money by eliminating the need for a fork truck at the time of delivery. We have skilled operators who will get your boom truck delivery there effortlessly and on time!

Slinger Trucks

Our slinger trucks put dirt, mulch, top soil, aggregates, and sand precisely where you need it. The conveyor accurately places material up to 90 feet from the end of the truck, eliminating material handling, reducing construction time, and improving your overall experience. Safe, sure, and durable slinger trucks are the new standard for exact placement of materials for delivery systems. For precise, labor-free placement, the slinger is the way to go every time!

Give us a call today for a quote on any of our trucking services or products at (740) 397-0000!