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United Aggregates Highlights Limestone

United Aggregates Highlights Limestone

United Aggregates Inc., sand and gravel division, has been providing a wide variety of asphalt, aggregate, and landscape materials to Central Ohio, since 1993. Today we’re going to talk about limestone.

United Aggregates Highlights Limestone:

Limestone is among one of the most common sedimentary rocks, making up 10 % of all of the sedimentary rock in the world. It is a versatile substance with numerous appearances and uses. Limestone is found worldwide, and is a popular material used by the construction/architectural field for years.

Composition of Limestone:

Limestone is mainly made up of calcium carbonate. It is formed by sediment at the bottom of the ocean, where plant and animal waste settles and is compressed over centuries.

Physical Characteristics of Limestone:

Limestone has many differences in its physical characteristics. Unblemished limestone is white or off-white, but also has many shades of gray. Fun Fact: Classroom chalk, antacid tablets, and some marbles are all made from calcium carbonate.

Uses of United Aggregates #57 Limestone:

#57 Limestone ranges in size from 3/8”-1 ¼”, and is gray to dark gray. #57 Limestone is used for Driveways, Under Concrete, Pipe Backfill, and Drainage Purposes.

#57 Limestone in Driveways and parking lots provides good traction for vehicles.

Focusing on Drainage Purposes: Water can filter easily through #57 Limestone to the sub base material.

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